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Advantages of webcam work in Fructus studio

If you are interested in working in the field of webcams, or you want to become a webcam model of our studio and receive consistently high, or low, but income - “gifts”, just register on our online website.

Advantages of webcam work in Fructus studio - online dating


We provide optimal conditions for online communication with clients (technical equipment, private rooms, free coffee). You can shower right in the studio and just relax before starting your shift. Then, when you're alone, you can fully focus on your chat and work. There will be no control over you. Work calmly.

We do not offer you to provide intimate services. Only virtual flirting and pleasant communication. However, we also will not control you, and it is your personal decision where to mark the border.

Payment of wages is made immediately as soon as the money transferred has passed confirmation that it is actually received. As you gain experience, you will increase your income.

We offer flexible working hours. You yourself choose the hours at which it is convenient for you to work, and let your manager know about it. You can choose both full and part-time employment. It all depends entirely on you.

The studio guarantees complete anonymity, especially since we mainly work only with clients from the USA and Canada. We guarantee that your contact details will not be published online.

Professional photographers work with you. Especially for the webcam models of our team, we create unique photo sessions to create a high-quality portfolio.

We give pleasant surprises to every studio employee. There is also a special bonus system for girls. You can find out about all the bonuses immediately after registration.

Requirements for girls

Age: 18 and older, no age limit. We offer high paying jobs for adults only. Please read the privacy policy and terms of service for a better understanding of how the Fructus web application works - erotica, pleasure and love online.

An attractive appearance is not required. It is also not necessary to have ideal parameters. The main thing is natural charm and your desire to make money.

Sociability. A webcam girl will have to learn how to communicate with people in a video chat. Only in this case you can get a decent income.

Our wishes for future employees

Basic knowledge of English is completely optional. If necessary, you will always be helped by professional online translator, which is automatically turned on during the contact with the client.

It's also great if you already have experience with video conferencing with video filters. This is an optional requirement, since webcam skills are acquired with work and communication experience.

Financial independence will allow you to enjoy all the joys in life. Easy job and stable income will help you feel as confident as possible. You no longer have to save on travel, clothing and beauty salons.

Register now and start your career as a successful webcam model.

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