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The secret of finding repeat customers and friends in online video chat

The webcam model should always remember and bear in mind - this, as the first and extremely important rule, is that her work is directly related to the service that she personifies; this very circumstance, no matter how unusual and even strange at first, inexperienced glance it may be would need to be clearly understood.

The secret of finding repeat customers and friends in online video chat

The main task of a webcam model is to indulge all the desires of the client, trying to please him in everything. It is not always easy, despite the fact that video filters and an automatic audio to text translator in any languages come to your aid, since not all clients are adequate, however, earnings depend on how well the wishes, whims and seemingly crazy ideas and requests of the guest are fulfilled. For everything to work out and the money to drop, you must strictly follow several principles, and also do not forget to follow our privacy policy and terms of use of the platform and service for a better understanding of how the Fructus web application works - erotica, pleasure and love online:

a. Absolute punctuality, which implies the girl's ability to perform all her duties exactly in the time period that was determined by the client, for example: connect to the client exactly, or even earlier than the scheduled time.

b. Attention to everything that happens on the other side of the screen, to any little things.

c. Unconditional politeness towards a client during an online chat, or when you correspond with a client or someone on your friend list.

These may be a little strange for this kind of work, but by your own example, you will be able to convince yourself over the time you spend with clients that adherence to these principles is absolutely necessary to achieve our common goal.

For example, you have come to the library, but you cannot decide on the choice of a book yourself. In just a few minutes, the librarian will appear next to you and, seeing your confusion, will help you with the choice of the book, while doing it as tactfully as possible, having time to compliment and tactfully joke. Moreover, everything is delivered quickly enough, and the recommended books are beyond praise. Naturally, the mood of such service improves, and the librarian deserves a generous tip. It is quite obvious that the next time you visit this library, you will certainly ask to be served by the same librarian.

Perhaps this is somewhat exaggerated and not every girl will like it. However, this example most eloquently proves how important it is to be able to please the client and what material benefit you will receive as compensation for your service.

Having realized and assimilated this simple truth, you can easily find regular customers and friends in online video chat, which will allow you to have stable income - “gifts”.

Let's take a closer look

a. Unfortunately, not all clients and friends you have to work with are polite and brought up in online video chat. You can often find real rudeness, which, of course, leaves an extremely unpleasant aftertaste. Therefore, it is quite logical if, in response to rudeness, you respond with courtesy, thereby perhaps you can acquire a new regular customer.

It's important to be able to please the client and what material benefit you will receive as compensation for your service

b. It happens that the client immediately declares: You are a whore and you must know your place! - or something similar. You also should not rudely respond to such attacks, it is much better to disarm the rowdy by offering to show him something interesting. This is much better than responding directly to rudeness and will help you gather more repeat customers.

c. The client is always right - this truth must not only be remembered, but also truly realized. At the same time, it is impossible to sacrifice self-esteem; it is necessary to know the line between servility and lack of will.

d. Clients who first meet with you in an online video chat must be called by name. Each guest will be incredibly pleased that he is called by name, this will allow from the first seconds of communication to win over a man, instill confidence and convince of his exclusivity.

e. Before you say goodbye, you should ask what exactly he liked the most, what he didn't like at all, what he would like next time. Having learned his preferences and wishes, you need to hint that they will be fulfilled by the next meeting, plus a pleasant surprise awaits the man. Waiting for a surprise will make the client want to see you again.

f. The feeling of satiety is relevant not only in relation to your favorite sweets, but also in life. Monotony is tiring, so you need to add something new to your image from time to time, without radically leaving the chosen role.

g. Constant praise is like a balm for any man. Even a sloppy fat man generates a compliment.

h. The webcam model can work on a free schedule, but for regular clients you should be available at any time - adjusting to their interests. Those who visit webcams will not wait for hours for your appearance, they need immediate satisfaction of their needs. Therefore, it is worthwhile to draw up a specific schedule for working with regular customers.

i. Use “Sexy love quotes for him". You can send a message with sexy text content to get his attention and make him call you. These quotes will help you build a strong working relationship with your client in online video chat.

Skill and its secrets

Your own exclusivity is your chance to succeed and find regular customers and friends in online video chat. There are many models working on the network, and a man should be treated as the one. This is what will help differentiate you from other girls. First of all, you need to decide what is special about you.

There are many models working on the network, and a man should be treated as the one

If you rely only on your attractive appearance, then you have practically no chance of success. You have to hone and constantly improve your image for work. A beautiful picture is not capable of satisfying the needs of regular customers - friends or guests in online video chat for a long time. Here you need to be able to maintain a conversation, be an erudite clever, understand a lot, notice and just listen carefully.

You cannot stop in your development, you need to constantly read something, travel, study on the Internet, it will not be superfluous to study psychology and ornithology, improve your knowledge of foreign languages and, of course, keep your body in an appropriate tone, constantly exercising and refraining from fatty foods.

As an extraordinary example, we can cite one webcam model, who was able to fully communicate with a group of readers in the library, while showing her naked breasts. This kind of prohibition works on men much better than primitive nudity. For this reason, it is quite obvious how this webcam model was able to gather a large audience in the shortest possible time and greatly increase her income. You need to be able to surprise visitors with a change of scenery, we recommend reading such masters as Stanislavski and other masters of the genre.

Let's be realistic - the implementation of our recommendations will definitely lead you to high earnings, a sufficient number of regular customers and friends in the online video chat Fructus and, with a high degree of probability, not only there!

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